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Kazuhiro Shimoda


 山あい の自然豊かな環境にあるKaz 写真工房 の下田 一浩です。


My name is Kazuhiro Shimoda of Kaz Photogallery, located in a rich natural environment in the mountains. 

I have included my biography, which I hope you will find useful.

1960 東京都生まれ Born in Tokyo.

1981 東京写真専門学校卒業(現ビジュアルアーツ)

Tokyo Photography Graduate School.(Now Visual Arts)

1981~1988 商業写真に携わる 

Engaged in commercial photography.

1988 スタジオメモりー設立 Established Studio Memory.

1995 JPS 日本写真家協会展 入選

Japan Photographers Association Exhibition be selected.

1998 デジタル画像処理による創作を始める

Start the creation by digital image processing.

2000 APA-2000 日本広告写真家協会展 入選

Japan Advertising Photographers Association Exhibition be selected.

1993~2002 個展 10回 10 times solo show.

2003 Kaz 写真工房に改名 Renamed to Kaz Photogallery.

2006 イメージナビ 株式会社 / BRAND 写真家 契約

Image Navigation Co., Ltd / BRAND Photographer contract.

2009 TAGBOAT AUTUMN AWARD 2009 入選 be selected.

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